Saturday, November 7, 2009

This is it

I know who I am if that's what you're asking

I also the fact that I'm a distraction to you since you are always preoccupied with your studies.

But lemme tell you this, there is not one man in my life that is not preoccupied with other things and not me.

I'd understand if you're unable to make it through, that you think your life is so bad, dammit there is not once in your life that you think it's not bad, I really wanted to slap you and tell you to smell the fresh air but obviously, with your attitude you wouldn't even budge.

Maybe it's me being upset here, but look who's the cause

You've admit you put on your tough face and tough attitude, but tough luck, when you put too much of it people would genuinely think you emotionless. Putting your 'Do I look like I care' look maybe cute sometimes, but hye, too much of it will make anyone upset.

And to think you'll get away by pulling it on me.

How oblivious.

Baby listen to me,you always think it's about you but sometimes, you've gotta understand, the world does not revolves around you. Did you ask me how I am feeling? Did you wonder whether this things, this feelings scares me?Did you not ponder that maybe I'm just looking for the right moment, the right time, to tell you that I too want to be your side?

But I can't do that if I know you'll treat just as you treat others. That you can't commit to me. That you think the world only revolves around you.

So, darling, you want your love life to be better? Here's my advice, stop acting like an asshole cause of all people, you are not one.

But hye, this is it right, if we both can't agree on one thing, we just can't live under the same roof right?

So I hope you well, and I'm kinda relief of this revelation.

Hope you well

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