Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"t'was All Fun" Chapter 1

~t'was All Fun~

Haley was walking down the pavement through the most beautiful beach she’s ever set eyes on. She could feel the warm fresh breeze on her vanilla white skin. She shivers at the thought of skinning dipping in the private lake further north of this majestic club beach which Anna had deliberately describe all the details on a little post-it she kindly left on Haley pearly white laptop. Haley shook the idea away, thinking it was so grotesque that none of Anna girly-girl friends would even succumb to the thoughts. But Anna has always seemed to know how to influence just about anybody she has ever met; she’d probably have the girls agreeing on it and already are halfway to the private lake.

Haley let out a little giggle as she thought of them naked with only their white engineered buttocks flashing above the surface of the lake. She scanned the whole area of the beach to find a nice place to set her blanket. She’d even dreamed about this beautiful beach. When they arrived, she has been so tired and damped from crying too much and she has been left alone in the suite for even more crying. Haley let out a deep sigh. If it weren’t for the breakup, she’d probably still be in her half a million apartment snugging comfortably in her boyfriend arms. The pathetic, selfish, inconsiderate bastard that has broke her heart and stomped in to the floor.

She shook her head. No, she thought, I shouldn’t be so worked up on this. Everybody has gone through this stage in their relationship one way or rather, but I won’t be the one being so upset about it when he’s having the time of his life. She stormed away quickly to get under a tree and was rationalizing herself again when she heard a voice that was quite familiar. Not just the voice, Haley thought, she’s practically yelling.

Afraid that Anna might be in deep trouble, Haley rush over to where the voices came from and noticed that her friends are confronting a group of blokes with only their shorts on. Wet shorts. Haley walks slowly towards the group. She didn’t want to interfere if her presence is not needed. Who knows Anna might actually be courting with the men. Hell, Anna basically knows all the rule of courting at the back of her hand and this is probably some secret courting skills she’s just found out about and is trying it on the men. But for real, Anna doesn’t look like she’s is trying to get the men’s attention so she could have them buying her drinks, she looks more like a snake protecting her eggs from poachers and Haley swear she’d saw Anna’s tongue hissing as she yell at the group of men.

As Haley walks closer she could hear their conversation; more like yelling clearer.

“We got here first ma’am, as we have told you before, the blankets are ours and we’ve got them sprung on the land right there where you stand before you blonds tossed them to the side.” The men sounded as if he’s gritting his teeth while he said them and manage a little polite smile.

Anna however rolled her eyes and places her hands on her hip looking exactly like their battered old spinster of a grammar teacher back at their high schools. Haley giggled to the thought of that but she quickly stop as she saw Anna was cursing away at the men.

“Oh fuck it,” Anna screamed. “Do you seriously think that when you flash that idiotic grin of yours we would just pick up our stuff, apologize and leave? If that’s what you think than you are all dumb asses because none of us girls are willing to walk away from the only shady place on the beach. It’s not our fault none of you dimwits are intelligent enough to safe keep this place and there are no rules saying you can keep a place if you put your battered blanket on it. Stupid!”

Haley covered her mouth with her hands, she almost burst out laughing but couldn’t muster the courage to do so. She’s been with Anna so long that she knew Anna liked the men she was yelling at. Anna Connoly would never call a man stupid unless she has a liking towards the man. And obviously this one is very likeable considering he has the most gorgeous looking biceps a girl could ever lay eyes on. Haley notices that Anna have one of her famous looks that says I’ve gotta get this man to bed right this instance and had probably would if she’s alone with the man. Haley snickered at that thought. Her best girl in the whole wide world, Anna, is probably the most gorgeous looking gal there is. Standing at 5 foot 8 she’s probably taller than any other girls in school and with a perfect curve given by God and her most trusting cosmetics doctors, Anna has no problem getting men. Hence why they are here in the first place, to add collections of sweet men in her list and to make Haley forgot about her dimwitted of a boyfriend.

“Look ma’am, all we ask from you is to just step aside and let us have our place back. If you want it that much than we dumb asses have no problem sharing.” The men continue smiling politely as his group of friends snickered and giggled at the thought of sharing the only shady place on the beach according to Anna with her groups of blondies. No kidding, they are all blonds and enjoying every moment of the attention given by the group of wet shorts men.

But knowing Anna, although Haley knew she’d loved the idea, still refuses to end the fight, Anna always love a good fight.

“Hell no! You think us gals would want to hang around with a bunch of goofy looking old men like you lot? Dream on! Stupid!” There’s the cue again and Haley couldn’t help but laugh. She quickly runs behind a beach chair abandoned by its owner so she wouldn’t get caught.

“What’s going on here?” Haley heard a warm, husky deep voice coming from the men’s side. She turned and saw a man, probably in his early thirties walking up to the group. From where she’s hiding, she could see him clearly. He was about 6 foot tall. Tanned, and his muscles contracted as he walks slowly towards the men. Her heart almost drop when stands high and mighty besides the man talking to Anna. And she swear she’d saw Anna lick her lips as she stares at the man.

“Why are you girls standing on our spot?” he continued in his husky deep voice. Salt water drips from his hair, landed on his chest down to his below. Haley couldn’t help but trace the little wet drips onto the line of his Hawaiian shorts and the man didn’t look funny in it. In fact he looked damn sizzling in those pants.

“They say it’s theirs cuz none of us dimwits know how to safe keep a place at the beach” the man Anna had a crush on quickly filled him on the details. The man just snickered when he heard the story.

“Serves you right Callie boy, have told you before and will havta tell you always, you’ve gotta safe keep a place like this on the beach” he turns towards Anna, “Sorry for the trouble misses, seems my men ain’t no brainer when it came to this” Haley swear she saw him winking his deep blue, no wait, green, Gosh it’s so hard to see from here Haley thought, she hadn’t seen much gorgeous men in her life like this one and her only chance is when she’s hiding behind a beach chair with some stinky old beach towel hanging on it.

But he’s not smart, Haley thought, he’s probably some football player or some athlete whose talents are only to score for the team and going 15km on a treadmill for 5 minutes. No sir, definitely not my type. But then the man she thought was her everything has left her crying at the doorway of her expensive apartment leaving her nothing but his dirty laundry in her bath.


“You’ve got that right,” she heard Anna say, “These idiot friend of yours even suggest that we share it.” Idiot? Haley thought, surely Anna isn’t changing her preferences now would she considering she’s now calling the guy an idiot instead of stupid.

“Did he now?” The husky deep voice again. “I bet you sluts loved the idea and willing to give us men some good old services. Some of me men have quite a big appetite and you trendy looking hookers might just do the job”

She felt her heart sink deep into her stomach. Did the tall dark husky voice men just called Anna and her friends, ‘sluts’?

“Did you call us sluts??” Anna had a head start on making the man clear. “Yes I did, and will call you girls whores and plenty other names ‘till you bitches decided to leave us men to our spot”

Anna’s eyes were filled with fury but before she could yelped and untie the other blonds’ leashes, Haley scrambled her way through the crowd and stand between the two crowd.

She’s now face to face with the most handsome man in the planet and their eyes transfixed on each other and Haley confirms his dark green eyes.

The man didn’t even blink.

“Excuse me,” Haley said politely, “I’m afraid there’s been a misunderstanding, you see..” but she was stopped by Anna’s frantic yelling.

“There’s a misunderstanding alright, you sons of bitches should just go to hell and never came back!” Anna was almost close on shoving her fist up to the guys nostril but she missed by one tick and hit Haley’s head instead.

“Ouch!” Haley let out a cry. The whole group of men laughed their heart out while Anna tumbled onto the sand and apologizing frantically at Haley

“Oh, so sorry love, I’ve meant to hit the bastard. Hush now.” Haley, pulled Anna up and motioning that she’s ok and turn to the men.

“”Look, there’s only been a slight misunderstanding, and my friends are more than willing to give the spot back but there are no necessary need to be calling them girls sluts and whores. You men wouldn’t like been called gay or fag now would you?” Haley saw the man raising his right eyebrow and a wicked curve form from the corner of his mouth.

“Hell you are right, shouldn’t be a need for that. Might as well just give us our room numbers and let you girls knock on it at night.” The group of men burst with more laughter and Haley couldn’t take any of this nonsensical comments.

“Of course you men are pussy enough to buy us drinks and get us drunk so we would not have to gag while you lot tried to court with us” Haley didn’t know where the energy had came from but she couldn’t take the senile remarks the man had given her friends no matter how drop dead gorgeous he is.

“You want us to court with you?” is all that he replied. Haley felt her face blushed. Her message didn’t get through in fact the men are getting all the wrong ideas. And they were laughing again.

“Let us go, there’s no need to be pissing with these buffoons” Sherry finally said, she was the only logic thinking girl in the group and sometimes Haley would prefer going to her than Anna for support.

All red faces, she and Anna left the most wanted spot along the beach and got themselves cramped in a spot besides a shabby looking trunk still cringing with the men’s laughter in their ears.


Aisyah AR said...

i love it!!! i love it!!
i want more!!! i want more!!!


Adderly Shaharudin said...

I'd say that the girls deserved it. :p

Adderly Shaharudin said...

I'd say that the girls deserved it ;p.

... and as for constructive comments, I would just touch on the ending - it didn't have one I think.

Even though it's supposed to be continued, I still think that there should be some sort of closure to the chapter, because after the story ended, I was left wondering "what was the point of this?" or something like that.

But all in all, I love your writing style and the words you used suits the mood and the story :)