Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hopeless Romantic

I am...



Instead of all those designers handbags most girls crave for,I prefer a bouquet of pink roses..
yes,it's the truth

I adore a man who will pick me up in front of my house with flowers in his matter if its the 1st date of the 100th date

I cherish a man who opens doors for me..

Kiss me goodnight even in front of his friends..

Bring me to see his matter how conservative they might be..

Work hard for our future together..

Make love to me because he does love me and he's sure that it is right..

Think of me everytime he plans his future..

Make me every part of his life..

I'm hopelessly romantic..and I keep falling for the wrong guy..

To boo,

I do love you...

I don't mind if you didnt buy me flowers..

I didnt mind when you dont open doors for me..

I waited patiently as you focus on ur now interest and put aside ours..

I bleed inside as you make love to me because of lusts..

I keep quiet when I hear all my friends plans for their future with their love ones..

But I'm suffering..

If you can't be sure of us in the first place, you shouldn't destroy my life for me...

I just need a light..a relief..

From you..

I miss you

1 comment:

bella muerte said...

just hang in thr..

he'll get there one day...