Sunday, May 3, 2009

Chapter 2 of Love Management

Facebooks, Friendsters,MySpace and what not. All this are ways for everyone to communicate with friends and weirdly,family. People log in on these stuff and find themself unable to log off again. They'll be going online for hours to reply those comments/messages, udate those profiles and upload some cool, weird and absurd pictures they have taken recently. Some would add friends that they are familiar with only or people they have never met in their life. That's the fun of it. You get to meet new people, people whom you could actually meet on the streets but never been bothered to say 'hi' to.
And most amazingly, these are the perfect place for people to find LOVE or loose them.

OK. Let me just cut to the chase. For people who are already in a relationship. They'd probably be wondering the first time they created a profile on any of these 'portals', "Am I going to be honest about my relationship status or should I just left it blank? But what if my partner finds out about it and got upset?" It's so typical right? Some would actually agree on telling the truth, and some would actually encourage you to just ignore that relationship status and leave it blank. Hell, even if your partner finds out, what is the least he/she can do? Probably just sulk and not talk to you for a night. That gives you more chance to mingle around in the portal right?
What I think is just like what any other 'in a relationship' status girls would. Just admit that you are in a relationship. What's wrong with letting your friends know bout your gf? Or what's wrong with changing 'single' to 'in a relationship'? All you need to do is just click on a stupid button.

I know, I know, I shoudn't be making a HUGE fuss out of this.

But please, it's bad enough that you never actually show any affections towards your gf in FB or FS for that matter, you didn't even change your status. Hence you're letting all your friends think that you are single. It's as if saying "Hey, look at me, I've got no gf. I'm absolutely available. Add me as a friend!".


Thinking positively....Got it!

Fine, if that's the game you're playing, than I can play better. I'll talk to you about it when you are free. If I'm still not getting any response nor changes, I'll just do the same to you. HELL, I've got more admirers than you know. Online at least. Hah! See if you can top that.

OK. I'm feeling much much better now. Shouldn't pick a fight over something so small like this. Nothing that we cannot settle as an adult. Let's talk then.

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