Sunday, May 3, 2009

Chapter 1 of Anger Management

NEVER, I repeat, NEVER drive when you don't feel like it. When you just want to lie down and read that goood Sophie Kinsella gurly girl book, and you just want to dream about what you will be having for dinner tonight or what will you do if suddenly the whole world is going to explodes, DON'T DRIVE!
I almost hit a car while reversed.
Almost yell at my mum to shut up when she squicks and shrieks at my driving.
Almost call this parking guy 'AN ASSHOLE' for signalling it's OK not to get the parking ticket but then stop me abruptly and ask for the parking money. Hence almost made me hit the divider.
But all went well I think. I've had a couple of 'almost-hitting-something-but-never-actually-hit-them' series before this. I can still manage, I hope (crossing my fingers).
So I took a couple of very VERY very deep breath. Apologize to my mum. Drove a bit better and relaxed and got home safe and sound.
I just remembered, I'm supposed to convince my mum that my driving isn't so bad so she would buy me a car.
I hope I didn't blew off my chances.

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