Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chapter 1 of Friendship Management

So, I called my best girlfriend in the whole wide world today. We talked for quite awhile. Was asking her what she has been doing at the moment. And she respond by saying a new cool AMAZING novel is on ze way!!!


She's an amazing, funny, drop dead hilarious writer I've ever known. All her novels/short stories/comics are not exactly award winning type but they won my attention every single time. Imagine, she could actually came up with an action packed novel with a comic twist when we were in our Form 6. The novel's called ZUIKO (God knows what it actually means in Japan) but we believed in our fictioned-made up-creepy-but-cute-little-world that it means the power of Fire, Water and Wind.

Hilarious isn't it?

And now she's coming up with a new chick flick romance novel. I can't wait!

Always have and will always love her writings.

Makes me wish I could write my own stories as well. Well, I wrote a few before but could never get around to finishing them.

Maybe I should.

Right now, I just want to read hers. So Sya, keep up the good work. I love you girl!!! :)

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