Sunday, May 10, 2009

Chapter 3 of Love Management

Actually, I've got sooo many to update in this post. But I shall start with something that is really important especially for the girls.

How to identify perverts?

1. You met them on the internet,probably on facebook, myspace, friendster and what not.

2. They start asking for your mobile number and once you gave it to them, (Hell, you shouldn't!) they start sms-ing and calling you till the early morning.

3. They waited till the right moment for you to open up yourself to them; your relationship status, your views on relationship, what you think of men, your sexual preferences and why you choose to be so.

4. Not to mention the constant 'can you send me your picture via mms?' every 10 seconds.

5. Hah! Then comes the moment when he starts talking bout his sexs past. And then encouraging you to arouse them. (F**k those men!)

6. Finally, all they could talk about to you is sex and fore play. OK I think by now you should know NOT to meet these guys.

7. Still, if you meet them outside of the virtual world, they'll take every chances they can get to lay their hands on you. (NEVER let them!! Else they will think that you are just like those cheap worn out cardigan you'll buy in the garage sale.

8. Worst, you'll hear something like this from them "Oh, I do have a gf, but I'm never gonna touch her, cause I'm planning on marrying her" and they say this with that plastic genuine smile on their face. And you probably be wandering, "Then WTF am I???"

By right girls, you should know when to put on that thinking caps and be careful.

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