Saturday, January 9, 2010

P/S/B ;)

This is what I have been doing the past week;

Becoming a practical teacher at one of the prestigious school in Melaka (GBS yo!)

The school from in front; teachers there are very dedicated
to their work and the students are just adorable! :)

Received my scholarship from SLTP and spend some time buying things i didn't get to buy last year!

Something I bought in Jb, an unbranded lace dress (so Blair!), GEB belt,
unbranded shoes, and panty socks from Zdori
I loveeee this socks..from Zdori :)

Went for a delicious dinner at Breek's Cafe in Mahkota Parade, a must visit restaurant where the food is affordable and leave you bloated the whole night! (No kidding!)

Fish Paprika with pasta at Breek's Cafe. Costs only RM12++

Bought something nice for my Favorite Cyclist! (he loves it! Thank God!)

Updating my blog so it'll look nicer and people will actually read it.Hee...

See you soon readers!! :)

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