Thursday, January 7, 2010

Practicum Blues…

I’m sure by now a lot of TESLians are talking about their practicum. I’m supposed to be writing my journal but my handwriting is just so bad I refuse to read them

Well if you read my friend’s Zulfahmie’s blog, what he feels is basically the same as what I’m going through. We keep telling ourselves that things will eventually gets better, but I can’t help but feeling that the 30% from our mentor will be such a hard-ass work to get. I even did the scheme of work for her and instead of at least saying thank you, she pointed out all the mistakes I did. Sigh. Well I guess this is the price to pay for getting the discipline teacher as your mentor. *faints!

Honestly, I do enjoy my practicum because everytime the bell rings (which something both me and Fahmie look forward too) it’s time to go home, to meet the friends, the loved ones and the dogs in front of your house, just back to where you belong. And things seemed normal for awhile. Until you start to realize that you couldn’t feel your legs and your head is spinning so badly. *faints again

We had so much free time today I’ve done my lesson plans for next I know. But it’s just about the only way to kill time. And we spend so much time talking to each other I’ve realized that Pamie is full of funny stories! And being a control freak that I am, he probably didn’t get as much chance to communicate with the teachers. But he’s getting the task of handling that snobbish teacher. Good luck Pamie! :D

I just wanna pass this thing. I just wanna be able to look back and smile or maybe laugh at all the memorable experiences I’m going to make. Hell, I’d probably miss this school when practicum’s over. LOL

I’ll be making some changes to the blog soon. It’s so lame I myself am bored looking at it! L

Good Luck Teacher Yatie! J

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