Monday, January 25, 2010

Kitty Cat and YSL

Went out to with Kitty to Perfume Avenue and Skin Food in DP..

Ladies Mall Floral Top, Zdori Panty Socks, MING Sling Bag, Ribbon Belt, Vincci/Nose Accessories, SUMMIT Peep Toes

Anyways...please meet these two awesome person

Meet Desmund, he's the guy to see if you ever consider of buying new perfume. He knows every smell and best of all, he's not the kind of salesperson who would suggest you to buy the expensive stuff without giving your personality a thought. I mean seriously, this guy knows what perfume to choose for you! :)

And this is Jo. She's from Johor just like moi! :) And she's the best salesperson for Skin Food. Ask her anything and she'll give you sufficient answers for any of your skin problems. I'm falling in love with Skin Food.. :D

I'll show you what I've bought on the next post k?

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Panda said...

owh yeah! i like the outing..ehehe