Monday, January 25, 2010

Current Obsessions :)

YSL Parisienne.
Parisienne means a female native or resident of Paris..which I dream of being.. :)
It smells amazingly fresh yet sweet..wonderful combination for those who admire the smell of Boss La Femme.

And this, Skin Food's Egg White Pack; good for those who has black heads and white heads issue like moi.. And Skin Food's Cucumber Soothing Mask helps sooth the skin after the forceful peeling of the pack :)

So maybe you lovely readers could go and try out both products..they are worth it! :)


Adderly Shaharudin said...

that's like, a lot of beauty products... not that you would need any of em anyways ;)

Megumi Shika said...

Addy: Eleh...hehehe...but thx!! :D

Muhammad. Ersa Adiprsetya said...

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Panda said...

addy u would never know wut girls need...ahaha

Sweet Karamel said...

hiya darlin! do those work? i'm always so damn lazy to take care of my face -.-

Megumi Shika said...

Kara: Oh my dear, Skin Food works like magic! heee...and your face is so clear (i think!) u dun nid to bother bout it..unlike me!!!waaaa!!teeheee :*

feeza said...

i like it!
sooo gona try one day that skin gosh really need some pampering on my face.wih the boys yg cm hape tuh...;P
n the perfume, think wana start own perfume collections la au satu hari jadi tokey perfume lak.uhuhuhu :D

Megumi Shika said...

hahahaahaha!!!oh feeza thts a good idea!!i'll b ur first customer!!!tp make sure bau best ok?
oh n i saw ur perfume..cantik!!!i bet it smells as nice! :)