Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Start

Let's do this in the third person p.o.v shall we?

"Hayati have been told many times that she need to manage her life better, but she almost always refuses to listen. With thatm she has lost many. She lost the love of her life (although they agreed on trying to work it out, she knows she's only holding on to a very thin thread), she might lost a lot of her pointers in her studies, she might also lost her position in the Student Leader Council as well as in the Debating Unit. Worst, she might just loose herself.
So as she watched the moon one night, tears filling her eyes, she catches the glimpse of what she might have been if all this didn't happen. She might have become someone respected, she might gain that DL again, and even better, maybe, just maybe, still be with that someone she loves dearly. So she decided, "Hye, this is crazy. I have so many to offer to the world, I just dunno how to" and quickly think of ways to deal with things. Suddenly she remembered a friend of hers. He asked her before how she let out her problems, she claimed she had friends she could share it with, but realizes, thats it that she have.
"I need to do something" she announced in her heart
So she sat down in front of her pearly white lappie and goes online. She read her bestfriend's blog and realized how far she has developed since her first entry. "Maybe this is all I need"
Hayati clicked on "create your own blog" link and thus her journey as a blogger begun.
She will talk about her life journey, how things changes, how she will manage her anger especially, how she could develop as a human being and as a woman with dignity especially.
She will talk about her love and how she misses him.
She will talk of his beauty, his charms, and his love for her that had gone missing.
She will be someone new for herself..and for her future..
Hence, this blog. It's going to be a bit personal, maybe with little fun inside. Who knows, we'll just have to see what Hayati have in mind.

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