Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chapter 1 of Love Management

The 'Watch Out', 'Must Not Do' and 'Must Do' things in a relationship (especially for girls)

1. Never go out with another guy unless it's formal.

2. Even when you do (the above) KNOWS your limits; holdings hands, huggings, kissing more than you should have offered are STRICTLY prohibited.

3. The cliche "What mama don't know won't hurt her" should be flushed down the toilet. You did nothing wrong, don't be afraid to say it.

4. Don't stop him or threaten him or hurt him physically when he says "Honey, I'm off to play futsal". Either you supports him or make a team of your own and play that goddamn ball!

5. If he refuses to stay at your place for some reasons, take a deep breath, wash your face, call him and tell him you'll miss him but NEVER send vulgar messages and hurt him verbally with your nonsense accusations!

6. You know he's indisicive. You've invited him out for shopping. You know he can never give the right comment you'll be looking for, just remember, that to him, anything looks great on you. So DON'T sulk. Put the clothes down, kiss him on the cheecks and take the clothes back. Try them. Decide for yourself. Show him how you look in those garments. Kiss him again and tell him which one you've decided to buy.

7. "He's so picky!" Just remember, you have your fair share of 'unlikes' in your life. If he can be patient about it why can't you? Relax, it's just another way for you to learn about him better.

8. Whenever the date is on, you'll look your absolute best, and he's well, plain simple; unshave beard, wrinkled shirt, seasoned pants ( I know, it's unlikely to show off to the world) but just look at that beautiful smile of him. The smile he gives only and especially to you. I think it's good enough to be flashed around for the world to see.. :)

9. He doesn't have much money, works during the weekend, busy with sports every other thursday and there's that movie you've longing to watch. So call him up, ask him when can we have another date together, say it's on you but next time he's paying (eventhough that's gonna be in awhile), and if he disagree politely ask him if you can ask your bestfriend to bring you (and make sure it's a girl! It can be a boy, but let it be someone your bf is more comfortable with). If he says OK, then go. Have fun. And bring back something for him to let him know that you appreciate him. You are happy, so make him happy as well.

10. Anniversaries...Who doesn't want to celebrate right. But celebrating doesn't have to be in a grand hotel or restaurants. He might've wanted to make something special out of it, but perhaps his accounts doesn't allow him too. So, if you feel like doing something special, so make it special. You put an effort on him and not bug him to. He may have only call you and wish you "Happy Anniversary Dear", but it's up to you to make it even more special. Call him up,a kiss on the cheeck, cook/bake for him or for those who don't cook or staying sumwhere that doesn't allow you to cook; go out for a nice quiet dinner together (it can also be sumwhere you have regularly been to or sumwhere you have never been to, that can be quite adventurous and Romantic!)

11. You've been together for so long. Never once did you received a single stalk of flower. Not even on your anniversaries, your birthdays or any other special occasions. Relax, he may not be romantic, but look at him, flashback on what he has done for you, now tell me, who else is willing to buy you food when you're hungry, take care of you when you are sad and even accompany you when he's feeling sooo tired? Those are more than just a bouquet of flowers per day.

12. When you are upset, or feeling down, or angry at someone. DON'T call him up and bitch about that person. Go home, relax, drink some water. STRATEGIZE. Then call him. Ask for his opinion in a very relax manner. DON'T go scolding him, it's NOT his fault, in fact, he may be the right person to help you out. Thank him afterwards.

13. When you are arguing, on something that may not be arguable to begin with, remember, I have lost this man so many times in my life, I know how hard it is to let him go, now I have him, should i risk losing him again just because I FEEL like arguing. STOP! STOP ARGUING. Call him or text him or meet him, hug him, apologize and go to sleep! Sleep is one way to release your stress. DO THAT! Then when you wake up the next day, give him your most beautiful smile. And be happy again.

14. Sex is not the most important thing in relationship. He may not perform well or it may be you who asks for too much. But he's yours. His body, heart and mind are all yours. So be contend with that. He may have love you not for your physical attractiveness, so attract him with ur care, love and intelligence. It'll make the relationship so much better.

15. You may feel insecure, you may feel as if someone likes him or adores him, Hell who doesn't? He's the perfect gentlemen and he has so much love to give and he chose to give them to you. So why bother? He's with you, loving you, caring for you, so STOP your insecurities and love him back the same. Others can go to hell!

(If I have done all of the above, I may still have him with me right now)

So trust me, these are just about the things you need to do in a relationship. Don't risk it.

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