Sunday, June 20, 2010

And the COWARD goes to....

If there's really an award for that, I think a lot of people would be fighting for it. Especially those who thinks they are smart ass but honestly, they just are an ass.

I know I'm supposed to appreciate all the comments given by any viewer even how insulting or how stupid it sounds. Why thank you, that is why no matter how ridiculous the comments are, I never failed to publish them except the ones which are utterly rubbish.

The thing about being an anonymous, you get to comment (or in this case insult) as you wish without revealing your true identity so as to avoid any direct acknowledgement from the people you insult. Well, that is why you are a coward.  And if you are telling me that it is your choice in the first place, and that in this free country you are given the opportunity to make a choice, so then it is my choice to tell you that you are a coward and that if you are a guy, your weenie is a size of a cigarette and that if you are a girl I pity your parents for not wishing you have the balls to begin with.

I don't know how my statuses on mocking men's attitude and attribute had made me a desperate person.As I read them back I just couldn't help but feeling desperate (yes this is the right context to use it) as to know what exactly do you mean by it. I mean common sense, that word carries several meanings.

For example, the word desperate can be used when a person is having an urgent need, desire, etc. in which this case none of my statuses had stated that I urgently need a man in my life. Ergo, I'm not desperate.

Also, desperate can be used to describe a person who is being extreme and excessive. Well most of my statuses are from the site I posted (incessantly) on my fb links. So if I'm being extreme to you, then maybe you shouldn't add me in fb?

The word desperate also describe a person as having no hope or giving in to despair. I highly doubt I've no hope in this world. I think I have higher chances in scoring a hottie than you do. And I certainly don't give in to  being sad and pathetic.I guess you don't know me that well.

Although you think I've no idea who you are, you're wrong. I know you read my blog. I know you read my fb statuses. And I also know that you're a coward. 

If  you don't like what you see, go vent it out on your blog or your fb statuses. Perhaps no one cared that's why you have to let me have it? Kesiann....

Anyways, peace.Assface.


Panda said...

Love u la beb! ...hhehehhe... i will actively blogging again.... wait for my posts.... (if you wanna read la..eheh)

paCat said...

Your post really KICKING EM' HEELS.