Saturday, February 20, 2010

Stone Sizzling Volcano Rock!

Tired of the normal hotplate? Or tired of chefs overdoing your “well done” and “medium rare”?
Now you get to burn your own meat! Heheee!! I can’t guarantee fat burning though! :P
Grilled Black Pepper Chicken with Fried Rice, Corn and Black Pepper Sauce RM13++
So cheap right? ;)

Please to introduce the owner of Sizzling Stonegrill! He made us felt welcome with his bright smile and alluring personality. Kitty and I immediately fell in love with him and his restaurant!Tehee!! And the most amazing part is Sizzling Stonegrill has a francias in JB City Square that I've always stare but never dare to enter! Cause I thought its expensive but its not! Superb interior makes you feel like you're in a Fairy Tale according to Kitty.hee! :D

The new Jusco Melaka (right besides TESCO) just opened and it was pretty exciting to go there on the first day of opening! Free parking up till March and beautiful interior! I mean seriously you get to actually see big ass size of boxes and hearts! :P

Although on the down side, this Jusco doesn’t have many international brands like other Juscos especially the ones in Johor. Those are superb I can’t even begin to describe its “superbness”. LOL

So me and Kitty went in and did some shopping!!!Amazing as I bought a new set of blouse and high waist skirt. :D
And...the most amazing part is, I got on STAGE!!!!!!!!!!!No no not the stage literally per say, but the makeup brand STAGE!.heheee :D

They are extremely beautiful, simple in presentation (dark and elegant!), and quite cheap! It’s a Malaysian brand but with items spreading from France to Switzerland. And I’m not kidding you when I say it’s really worth it! It suits me well and I looove it!!! 

What I bought (Don't slap me! :P):
Stage Wonderbalm Lip Care (Red Color Case): Soft and smoother lips after application.No kidding!
Stage Wonderluxe Lipstick Precocious Plum (Matte): Gives a light pink finishes and plummer kissable lips! ;)
Stage Wondergloss Lipstick Narcissus: Shiny and strawberry taste!
Stage Eyeshadow Mono Bahamas: Metallic Black with chocolate touch! Purrrtyy!! ;)

What I get for free!! (Bite me! ;P):
Stage purrrtyy Bow Make up Pouch Purple Colour! (My favorite color of the year) ;)
Stage Lash Defining Mascara Waterproof: Enhances your lashes really well and best part, you don't get that lumpy leftovers on your eyelashes unlike certain other brands!
Stage Wonderlust Lipstick Kristen: Fine metallic orangy finish and taste like Choc!Yum yum! ;)
Stage Nail Color Majestic: Thick, metallic purple finish but you need to be an expert to apply it because of its thick texture.My advice, buy the nail color gloss to make the surface of your nail smoother for nail color application. :)

Don't hate me as I Love Everything I have! ;)

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