Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mamu Machaaaaa!!! :P


It was so funny I had to start this post with a laugh! Mamu (my best guy in the whole wide world) came from Shah Alam to visit me in Melaka. We haven't met in such a long time and we missed each other so very much! I used to come down to Shah Alam often for debate tournaments but since I'm no longer in the team, I could hardly ever go to Shah Alam without any purpose ;P

So he decided to come down, spend the night, hang out at all the places I love going in Melaka, dine at all the restaurants I love to eat!, and have a heart to heart conversation that we always have...

But.......his car broke down! He missed the bus, had to buy a new tix, and couldn't stay for the night :(

I blame the stupid taxi driver for driving him to God knows where before sending him to me! And we only left with an hour to spend time together.. :(

Anyways..the best part when he's right in front of me and I get to hug him and we cycle with my fav cyclist to Jonker! It was filled with people (Oh come on it's only Thursday!) and went straight to Geographer Cafe..

He had fun cycling that much I can tell.. haha!

We ate like a lot! The Tandoori was super delicious although I have to apologies coz I didn't get to snap the food pictures as we were all ravenous! haha! 

And again he missed his bus back to Shah Alam!Haha! So he had to buy a new tix to KL and I figure I should accompany him in Melaka Sentral. And there we had that small talk and I felt relieved because of all the people I know, he's one that's truly understanding...sigh :)

Here's the pictures from his visit! Love you Mamu!!!!!!!!! :D

Come again soon! :)


fingerscrossed said...

Mamu datang tak jumpa kitorang pun... +_+

feeza said...

it must be a fun n memorable time...;)

Megumi Shika said...

Fahmie: He was only here for less than an hour then he had to catch his bus back to Shah Alam..that was only the Pre-Melaka, later he'll come down again..I'll be sure to call u guys up! :)

Megumi Shika said...

Feeza: It was the best hour of the week in Melaka!heeee!!! :D