Saturday, February 20, 2010

Boiled Mee (LOL), Orchid, Ulam Raja, Stulang Beach and loved ones..

Haven’t been home (JB!) in almost a month since practicum starts..It does sucks the life out of you this practicum but I really need to pass it.. ;( Only now do I understand the true meaning of Home Sweet Home as home was really sweet and I felt the warmth as soon as I entered the house. Mom was amazing as always. Her garden grew bigger!! The Ulam Raja looked super delicious I just had to pluck it for every meal! Heheee! Mom says the benefit of eating Ulam Raja is that it’ll make you looks younger and healthier. I do want to look younger...heee..And mom’s orchid bloomed! Beautiful purple color! Mom knows how much I love purple this year..Eheee! ;)

Purple Orchid

Ulam Raja

The first night I got home she made this super delicious fish curry and that only made me sat on the dining table licking the curry off my fingers and thanking her for the wonderful meal she cooked that night. I love you Mak! And oh! That’s only the beginning, the next day, we went to my bestfriend’s wedding and oh my she’s so beautiful and when I looked at her I can’t help but having glimpses of what my wedding would be and I realised how much I really want to settle down and be loved. Problem is, no guy I know wants that with me. ;(

Nazya and my family :)

Next morning we went out for breakfast, looking at Abah and his polished car he looks so adorable!hahaha! Went out to Zainal’s (dang it’s now a half an hour ride to get there when before this we only took 5 minutes!) and had Mee Rebus! Yumyum! It serves the best Mee Rebus ever and even Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan once reviewed the restaurant. I had a full breakfast and had a great time with my family.. I love you family.. :’)

All the glorious food.. ;')

After breakfast (felt so full my tummy bloated!hee!) we went to Stulang Beach. Abah loooves fishing but since he didn’t bring his gadgets we ended up staring at people fishing at the beach.
I miss you family..How I wish I could still be with you.. sobs!

   MY FAMILY.... <3


This little kid is amazing! He knows how to fish! Although his fishing thread broke first time he fish, he came back with higher spirit and caught some delish looking fishes! :D


Firdaus Putra said...

A real family is something that I'd love to have one day. :)

Megumi Shika said...

And you will love..InsyaAllah.. ;)

I bet your kids will be adorable!hahahaha!!!