Sunday, January 17, 2010


Back in the medieval days, pains were inflicted in others through the form of torture. Although many historians believed that torture were only used to interrogate prisoners of crimes but the truth is, upon looking at the tools used, they did it for pleasure and the kick they get out of it.

Even back in the middle age, labels or known as the Badge of Shame later in life, were made, burned and sealed on the shoulder blade of the convict. Labels such as Fraymaker, Perjurer, Blasphemy, Power of Sedition, Seditious Liberer, Rogue and many others, each, were burned on the convict’s body so he or she would never forget what they have done and are considered as the most sympathizing form of torture. Believe me, if Guillotines were quick and easy, there are a lot more which are not.

And I believe that the Nail Clipper came from the very original idea of the Nipple Clipper.
More to learn if you spend some of time venturing to the world of pain and torture in TORTURA II at the World Malay Islamic Museum in Bastion House next to A’Famosa Fort. Tix are sold at RM10 for adults and RM 5 for children. Extra charge for cameras and video recordings.

Interesting way to spend your Saturday! :)

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