Sunday, January 31, 2010

Seoul Garden & Marina Beach Melaka!

If you're craving for barbecue meal and steamboat then Seoul Garden is your place! Quite affordable and oh, it's under the same company as my favourite Breeks!..So that explains why the food is just so good! :)
That's me!I just love poking the food with my chopstick.teheee!!! :P

Then after lunch we travel to Marina Beach near Eye on Malaysia Melaka! Nice scenery and you can play kites there. Brings back good ol' memories during childhood ;)

Somehow I like this reason though! :)


This one's the winner! ;P

p/s: How I've missed you so much and I hope you like my pictures, love! :*


feeza said...

lovely pictures :)

Megumi Shika said...

Thanks!!!!you sorg je puji ni..huuu :(

Panda said...

yeay! the bag. the heels! ehhehee....