Sunday, January 17, 2010

KHS Alite 3000

It runs like the wind..

Weighs like a feather...

Looks like a tough brown horse..


My Favorite Cyclist's baby...

hehe!! Of coz it's me! But the fun between his leg really is....

This brown horse!! (But of course the seat is much higher that what you see in this picture,
 the truth is I'm a small girl and to find a bike that suits me well is so difficult! 
But this one's a winner! :) )

And he's also renting out bicycles..RM10 per day for normal bikes, RM25 per day for MTB! Ain't that cheap? For those interested you can just get through to me and I'll let him know..
Best part is, if you're around Malacca but you're not sure where's the best place to go cycling, he and his friend can help show you around! For Free of course! There's even an off road trip every Wednesday..but only the tough can get through.. LOL

Toodles lovely readers.. :)

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ezam sam haizam said...

chomel la..hehe..marila berbasikal utk kesihatan!!