Saturday, August 1, 2009

We are No Longer in Nong Chik

20 km from the Johor Bahru City Center (sigh)
Twice trip to Shell Petrol station back and forth (double sigh)
A very VERY very long journey from where we used to live.. (I'm gonna miss you Nong Chik!!)
Fall asleep plenty of times before...

Reaching the new home!!!

Omgosh!! From far you could see all the lights from the houses and the surrounding is just amazing!!

I was so excited I ended up snapping picas!!

Not 100% ready but it's on it's way!!!

I'm stayin in the same room as my lil' sis Ayun, and we can't stop planning the furniture arrangements and what not for the room and the whole house!!!

I want a pink and white room...*gleaming

You think it's for the aircond???

You are wrong!!!

It's for the fan!! I was lyk, what?? We have remote controlled Fan???

I was soo jakun!!

And yes, we are HAPPY!!!!

Oh I just can't wait to move in....!!!!

p/s: But I'll be bck to melaka soon and won't be able to help out with the whole she-bang..hoping that my mum and lil sis will make it through..*teary..

1 comment:

Aisyah AR said...

nanti bawa ar aku g jalan2 kat sana weh...
bagi la map...
nanati raya senang ckit aku nak terjah..