Saturday, June 27, 2009

Demons lurking

Have you been in a long bus trip taking you from the south part of Peninsular Malaysia up to the north? And worst of all, you are seated at the very end of the bus where there’s an empty seat behind you for any co-drivers on the bus.

And there’s that co-driver seating behind you.

The demon that lurks when you’ve fallen asleep. A demon with wandering hands that lusts for you.

That particular son of a bitch seated behind you.

I’m sure A would explain deeply how she felt throughout the journey. As a friend, i felt her wrath and i swear if that ever happens to me, the demon won’t live to tell his journey anywhere.

She was tired, and sleepy, how could any humans (at least disguised as one) raped her out of her rights to feel comfortable throughout her journey. And it’s a tiring one as well!

If man/demons could just keep their hands to themselves, the world would be a better place to live in!

My advice?

- When you feel that you are being harassed in the bus, quickly get up and go
straight to the bus driver and report what had happened.

- If you feel that your comfort and safety had been jeopardized, strictly tell
the driver to either kick the guy out of the bus or put him somewhere faaarr
away from you as possible. Do remember, it’s not just your safety at stake
here, it’s the safety of every other girls in the bus!

- Personally, before i do the above, i’d actually do something to the guy,
give him what he deserves! Drama queen much? Who gives a fuck? You’ve been
harassed! That son of a bitch needs to be taught a lesson! Go kick him or
something, make sure he’ll regret what he have done.

- Lodge a police report! You have every right to do so!

- That demon, that bus, that company, can ALL go to HELL!! And burn as well!

Hope you’ll be alright girlfriend! You one strong woman and i know you’ll
get through this! Jia you!!

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